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What Are People Saying?

5 years ago

Great vanilla flavor. Smooth texture and no after taste!! I loved it!!! Thanks for the sample!!

5 years ago

I absolutely love the Vanilla Whey Protein! It has a smooth texture and is very tasty!

5 years ago
Leslie Beard

I received a sample of the vanilla. It was pretty good, not my favorite protein powder but not too bad at all! Thank ypu!

5 years ago
Rafael Velazquez

I had the vanilla sachet as a substitute to my morning's breakfast and I must say, the sachet works well as a meal replacement. It kept me full and energized until lunch.

5 years ago
Aiden Fishbein

Great protein. Straight up and good tasting. Will order again.

5 years ago
Nathalie McNealy

Tasted really better than I expected.

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