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I know we all know that we need to drink our daily amount of water to keep us healthy and strong. I didn’t realize all the benefits we get from drinking our daily amount of water. Here are some of those benefits.

1. Flushes out toxins.
2. Helps get rid of headaches.
3. Improve your digestion.
4. Help aid in weight loss.
5. Improves your skin.
6. Helps in keeping our body temperature low.
7. Helps prevent hangovers (never worked for me)

8. Helps prevent kidney stones (very painful)
9. Immune system boost.
10. Helps relieve constipation.
11. Adds energy.
12. Can change your mood.
13. Get less back pain.
14. If you are tired, drink some water should give you a little pick me up.

Sometimes it is hard to drink all the water that we are supposed to if you are one of those having trouble with drinking all your water. Here is a link of foods with a high water content that can help us get that daily goal.  Visit: http://purgo.wpengine.com/cant-seem-to-get-in-enough-water

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