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I always hear about detoxing your body and how it makes you feel better, and that it is healthy for your body. The benefits of doing this are that it helps cleanse the liver, supports weight loss and digestion, great in keeping healthy skin, boost energy and reduce inflammation. Try these different water combinations.

1. 7 strawberries + a handful of fresh basil + 64oz of water
2. 5 blackberries +handful of mint + 64oz water
3. 7 raspberries + 3 slices of lime +64oz water
4. 5 cucumber slices + ½ cup watermelon + 64oz water
5. ½ cup pineapple + 1 tbsp turmeric + a very small pinch of pepper + 64oz water
6. 1 slice of ginger + 3 slices of lemon + 64oz of water (this one I use to help calm my stomach as well)
7. 1 grapefruit + handful fresh rosemary + 64oz of water

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