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I make this in the summer when we have people over. I know summer is officially over today, but the fresh fruits are still around.


1 ½ c. coconut yogurt
1 watermelon
1 c. raspberries (halved)
1 c. cherries (halved)
1 c. strawberries (halved)
½ c. blueberries

Directions: You can make more than one.

1. Cut the watermelon right down the middle and get a round slice about an inch to inch and a half. You want it to look like a round pizza
2. Spread the yummy coconut onto the watermelon, stop and leave some empty space (kinda looks like pizza crust)
3. Take your fresh fruit and place all over the yogurt. Sliced berries first and then the whole berries. You can top with a drizzle of maple syrup for sweetness.
When serving, slice just like you would a pizza, and enjoy this is super yummy.

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