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Clean Your House!  I always wondered about how many calories I burn while cleaning my house, so I did some research. It normally takes me about 2 hours, and I found out I that cleaning our houses we can burn up to 100 calories in 30 minutes. I say clean away, but that is not a fun job.

Read a Good Book!  I honestly didn’t think that reading a book could burn 100 calories for reading 90 minutes. I am an audiobook listener, so now I need to find out if I burn calories just listening.

Sing Away!  For me this is great, I love to sing (I am no good, but act like I am). Turn up those tunes and sing your heart out. If you have a long drive home sing all the way home. When cleaning your house turn on those tunes. Singing your heart out can burn 100 calories in 35 to 40 minutes.

Take a Trip to the Mall! You don’t have to go to the mall to spend money, how about just going and doing some window shopping. I never go into the shops, I only stay outside and breeze by. Just walking 35 minutes can burn 100 calories with little to no effort. If I see something I really like I write it down and add it to my Christmas or Birthday wish list.

Time to Get Cooking! didn’t realize that cooking for 30 to 40 minutes burns 100 calories. So if you are one that eats out often, stay in and cook, that way at least you are burning some of what you are eating before you even eat it. If you order in, your walk to answer the door does not burn 100 calories.

Head to the Grocery Store! I know that no one really enjoys going to the grocery store, but going and shopping for 25 minutes can burn 100 calories or more. Knowing you are burning calories effortlessly while shopping.

Get Up and Dance! This has become the new way to exercise which is great because it is so much more fun than the gym. Turn on your favorite tunes, put in those earbuds and dance like no one was watching. What’s even better is sing as well and knock off another 100 calories.

Make That Office Meeting a Walking Meeting Instead! This is a really great idea you wouldn’t be able to do it with several people at a time, but I do this with my employees when we have one on one meetings. Gets you out of the office and burns 100 calories in about 35 minutes.

Spend Time Gardening! I have a huge rose garden and they require a lot of attention, so it is nice to know that 25 minutes in the garden burns 100 calories. Normally takes me at least an hour to an hour and a half.

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