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For those of you that love Key Lime pie, this is a must try.

This is a very creamy shake, good for breakfast or even a snack due to the love calories and no fat. I promise you won’t taste the cottage cheese it is to make it creamy.


3/4 cup of water (you can alter for the consistency you like)
1/2 cup Fat-free cottage cheese
1 Scoop Pur-Go Vanilla Protein Powder (Free sample below, just pay shipping)
6 Ice cubes (use more for a thicker shake)
1 tbsp Key Lime juice (fresh or bottled)
1 tsp sweetener you like
A hand full of spinach
1 tbs sugar-free vanilla instant pudding mix (for a better tasting shake)


Add the ingredients in order. Place lid on blender and blend till smooth. Very refreshing treat.

Pur-Go Vanilla Whey Protein Powder

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