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Top 20 Foods

1. Calcium enriched foods help avoid osteoporosis.
2. Heart Disease which is the number one cause of death after menopause.
3. B Vitamins are great for energy and mood swings.
4. Almonds are a really great source of healthy fat.
5. Soy which contains plant estrogens which may lessen symptoms.
6. Eat More Veggies they are low in calories and high in fiber.
7. Yams tend to lessen the effects of low estrogen.
8. Broccoli great source of calcium.
9. Legume great source of calcium, potassium, and magnesium.
10. Figs are high and rich in calcium and vitamins.
11. Carbohydrates help with mild depression.
12. Vitamin D we need for bone health
13. Water will help with bloating and avoid dryness issues.
14. Flaxseeds help in preventing heart disease and constipation.
15. Eggs are a great source of vitamin D, iron, and B vitamins.
16. Brain Food eat dark leafy veggies and blueberries to help with memory.
17. Fruit is full of antioxidants and women should have at least 2 servings.
18. Omega 3 which is found in fish can help battle mood swings
19. Raw Carrots are an excellent choice for vitamin A and C complex.
20. Gluten-Free Grains like quinoa, millet, and brown rice all high in fiber and can increase your energy.

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