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Minerals play a key role in virtually every reaction that takes place within the of cells of the human body.

Minerals are responsible for enabling enzymes, activating chemical reactions, building a good bone structure, and even promoting healthy brain function.

Both vitamins and minerals have to be present in the body before either can perform their function.

Minerals are not manufactured in the body. The only way to get minerals is through a healthy and nutritious diet or supplementation.
Here are some minerals, and how they help your body

1. Chromium – Needed to properly metabolize carbs and fats. Chromium helps blood glucose levels, can reduce the chance of diabetes, and also lowers blood pressure.

2. Copper – Copper helps by converting iron into hemoglobin, helps move oxygen through our bloodstream, and helps with brain and nervous system.

3. Zinc – Helps in healing infections and wounds. Can promote healthy hair and skin.

4. Iodine – Plays a huge part in supporting our thyroid gland activity which is vital to our development and growth.

5. Calcium – Helps with the development of teeth, bones, and also supports our muscular system. Calcium also plays a big part in our blood clotting, and immune system function.

6. Iron – Plays one of the biggest roles and is needed for the production of hemoglobin. Red blood cells are able to carry oxygen throughout our bodies.

7. Magnesium – Keeps fluid and electrolyte in balance. Helps metabolize fats, proteins, and carbohydrates.

8. Potassium – Involved in all muscle contractions and nerve transmissions. Promotes healthy electrolyte balance.

9. Sodium – Promotes ph and fluid balance prevents dehydration and heat exhaustion.