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Well, it’s Sunday, Can You Feel the Monday Morning Blues Coming?

Here are four things you can do to get you ready for the week.

1. Hit the Gym! This will help establish a positive pattern for the rest of the week, you’ll also flood your system with endorphins that will make you all the happier to face Tuesday!

2. Plan Your Meals! Having a game plan will help keep you on track for the rest of the week. Spend some time on Sunday night prepping your lunches and dinners for the week ahead.

3. Go Meatless! Try starting your week off with Meatless Monday.

4. Meditate, Sleep, and De-Stress! Chronic stress prompts the hormone cortisol, which can tear down muscle fiber, impair blood sugar metabolism and boost the brain chemical neuropeptide Y, which sparks cravings. Losing just an hour of sleep each night for three days can prompt a surge in the hormone ghrelin, which stimulates appetite, and a slump in the hormone leptin, which tells us when we’re full.

Incorporating these Monday habits will mean a healthier you come Friday.

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