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I hear more and more about the benefits of adding some seeds to our diet. Here is what I found out about some of the popular seeds I see.

1. Pumpkin Seeds! I choose this first because I am addicted to them. Always have a bag around.

Benefits: Rich in zinc, great for skin and eyes, helps increase your bodies immunity and decrease oxidative stress. I will eat anything that can help with day to day stress.

2. Flax Seeds! For women, this is great for our bones.

Benefits: Helps makes our bones stronger, helps maintain blood sugar levels, has fiber, and lowers cholesterol.

3. Chia Seeds! This is a great all-around helpful seed.

Benefits: High in fiber, lowers bad cholesterol, very rich in antioxidants, omega 3 fatty acids

4. Sesame Seed! I know I prefer them on my hamburger buns.

Benefits: Helps with Rheumatoid arthritis (which is huge), high in fiber, nice and rich in calcium and iron, and another huge one is they have anti-cancer properties.

5.  Sunflower Seed! I like to buy mine already out of the shell.

Benefits:  Helps in making your skin and hair healthy, another one with anti-cancer properties, has vitamins B and E, and rich in foliate.

6.  Hemp Seeds! I add these to my shakes that I make in a blender at times.

Benefits: Awesome for a source of calcium, anti-aging properties, they have vitamin A, E, and D, also contains omega 3.

7.  Pomegranate Seeds! Love pomegranates,  just hate how they can stain.  Worth it though.

Benefits:  Tightens skin (yeah), reduces fine lines and wrinkles (yeah again),   rich in antioxidants, and can help stunt tumor growth.

8.  Grape Seeds! I add them in my blended shakes as well.

Benefits:  Good for skin and hair, Helps reduce blood pressure (we can all use help with that), rich in vitamin E.

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