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Oh The Sweet Benefits of Tea

1. Lemongrass Tea! Helps with indigestion, headaches, exhaustion, bloating and flatulence (gas).

2. Peppermint Tea! Stimulates the mind, helps with colds, hot flashes (yes), and relieves indigestion.

3. Chamomile Tea! Helps with acid reflux, cramps, anxiety, nausea, and soothes our tummies.

4. Lavender Tea! This is a very strong tea, and I use it in addition to a regular tea bag. Lavender provides us with calmness.

5. Juniper Berry Tea! I drink this when I get UT issues, it helps a lot and is also a natural diuretic.

6. Ginger Tea! This is a wonderful tea relieves nausea, cramping, diarrhea, and indigestion.

7. Citrus Tea! Helps aid metabolism and digestion.

8. Raspberry Tea! Great for morning sickness.

9. Vervain Tea! Keeps our nervous system calm, helps with depression and anxiety.

10. Rose Hip Tea! This is a great tea for the winter as it maintains resistance and strengthens tissues.

11. Fennel Tea! Great benefits soothe the tummy and indigestion.

12. Cinnamon Tea! Helps regulate metabolism, glucose and warms up our circulation.

13. Hibiscus Tea! Good to soothe a sore throat helps with high blood pressure and has antioxidants.

14. Sage Tea! Helps with PMS and can be uplifting to our emotions.

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