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Here are some reasons why they are worth stocking up on.

1. Blueberries Help Burn Stubborn Belly Fat!

Blueberries can help you burn stubborn belly by turning on your burn fat genes.
Bonus: Blueberries are low fat and have many health benefits.

Get the Benefits: If you have a sweet tooth at night, snack on some frozen blueberries. When frozen they are a smooth texture kind of like ice cream, but with less fat.

2.Blood Pressure!

Eating blueberries can help lower your blood pressure. A really good reason to eat this tiny berry is it can also lower arterial stiffness.
Get the Benefits: Add blueberries to salads at lunchtime or add to yogurt to sweeten it up a bit.

3. Gives Your Brain a Boost!

Good for your overall health, but also reduces cognitive decline by as much a 2 years.

Get the Benefits: Add to your morning oats. Frozen fruits keep longer and may even be more nutritious than fresh. Avoid getting the ones with sugar added.

4. Great For Your Heart!

Blueberries fight the risk of heart disease and metabolic syndrome, according to an early study at the University of Michigan Cardiovascular Center Another study conducted at Harvard Medical School found that young women who had at least 1 1/2 cups blueberries per week were 34 percent less likely to have a heart attack. Those are powerful stats for such a petite berry!

Get the Benefits: Enjoy a smoothie to jumpstart your day. Use your favorite combination of fresh or frozen fruit that includes blueberries.

5. That 2 pm Phase of Tiredness!

Blueberries, with their low-sugar/high-fiber content, are a great midday snack that can keep your energy humming through even the longest workday. With more energy, you’re more likely to work out harder and be more alert.

Get the Benefits: Combine fiber-rich berries, calcium from milk, and flaxseed as an anti-inflammatory will keep your energy and blood sugar levels even keel until it’s time for your next meal.”

6. They Stop Snacking!

Blueberries have a ton of fiber which helps manage your hunger levels with ease.

Get the Benefits: For an ideal, low-sugar snack, mix freeze-dried blueberries with raw nuts, bran cereal, almonds, and walnuts to make a healthy snack for that 2 pm meltdown.

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